This is the entire complete map of the dimension. Note: The Trinkets are located in the room with the dot, not exactly where the dot is.

Shiny Trinket Locations- Locations are White Dots That I(GBF) Marked

There are 20 total and every couple you get  unlocks a new in-game song to listen to while playing.

- The Ship (the pink area) contains one trinket, and that trinket is obtained by talking to either Verdigris or Victoria after you completely recue them.
- The Space Station (the yellow area)  Contains 7 Trinkets and are located on the map.
- The Laboratory (the dark blue area) Contains 4 Trinkets, as you can see there is a maze like area at the top of the bottom laboratory section that is gray and contains a trinket, you can only get to this one through the laboratory so it is technically part of it and included in the trinket count.
- The Warp Zone (the bright green area) Contains only one trinket and its located on this map.
- The Tower (the long red area) The Tower contains 2 Trinkets but they are both located while climbing the Tower's shaft which is one big long room. The First Trinket is located about 20% climbing up and the next one is about 40% climbing up.
- The Free Area (the gray area) there are 4 Trinkets scattered around that will just take some exploring to find. I was able to find 4 of them and properly placed them on the map.
- The Final Level you are teleported there after rescuing the last crew member, the Trinket cannot be avoided and must be picked up before completing the level.

Character Locations

There are characters that you need to rescue to beat the game:
   - Dr. Violet, located after going through the first teleporter back to the ship.
   - Dr. Victoria, located at the end of the Laboratory.
   - Officer Vermilion, located after reaching the top of the Tower.
   - Professor Vitellary, located in the upper parts of the Space Station.
   - Chief Verdigris, located at the end of the Warp Zone


      - If you go to the where the orange dot was placed you will find a terminal at the top of the room, this is the jukebox, as you obtain more Trinkets more terminals will appear and when you activate those they each play their own song.
      - If you activate the terminal where the yellow-greenish dot was place a light blue area will appear on the map.
      - the light blue area is the Secret Lab, you can get teleported here by obtaining all 20 trinkets and then talking to Victoria.