There are two things that I love to see in games; floating islands and Amanita Design's cool art style. Put'em together and BAM-- you get Samorost. The Samorost series is another point-and-click adventure game from Amantia Design, which challenges you to help a little space gnome through a variety of puzzles to reach a main goal. The Samorost series encompasses Samorost One, (Which is really insubstantial) and Samorost Two (Which you have to buy to play the full version). 

          The art style in Samorost is the best part, because it just looks so good. the art is the same surreal style that Amanita Design is famous for, with amazingly drawn art and nice visuals. Even with out names,the characters are memorable in their own sense. From weird aliens to your little space gnome, both Samorost one and two will have you saying, "It would be cool to live there for a day..." the puzzles complement the games surreal art style, because they involve looking around the scene and looking at all the cool surreal art.

        The game play in the Samorost series is great and fun as well, and follows the tried and tested Point-and-click adventure game style. You dont actually play as the little space gnome, but rather a weird god force that can click on things to make things happen, as if an invisible person were standing there. If that key is lieing there on the ground, you could click on it and it would rise up, instert itself into the lock and turn. 

        The sound and music in the Samorost series is well done, but necessarily catchy. No one speaks, exept for when your little space gnome says, "Oh, No!" in a similar way you would say, "Oh, no, Mr. Bill!".

        The replayability in the Samorost series is limited, as are all point-and-click adventure games. The games are also very short, so the replayability is lower than most point-and-click games. However, the art style may cause you to play through the game again.
    All in all the Samorost Series is something everyone should try, even if you don't like point-and-click adventure games.

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