Lugaru, made by Wolfire Games, is a 3-D, 3rd person fighting game with flexible fighting moves and animations that can be easily linked together to create your own style of fighting. In Lugaru, you play as Turner the ninja rabbit, who's village is slaughtered at the hands of raiders. As you travel about your island seeking revenge, you soon uncover that all is not as it seems...

     At first glance you'll probably think, "oh, man those graphics are HORRIBLE!" and your right. (If you want to see a game like Lugaru with incredible graphics, see Wolfire games' next game, Overgrowth, which is Lugaru's sequel.) As you play through Lugaru, you'll understand that the graphics are not the point of the game and the real fun is the combat system.

     Lugaru is one of those games that will have you replaying it over and over again just for the gameplay. the simplistic control layout (W,A,S,D, E, Q, C, and SHIFT) allow you to create a your own style of fighting, whether it be stealth, hand-to-hand, weapons, or acrobat, or even your own. I personally played through all the challenge missions using different play styles because the game is so addictive. after a while, the controls become so smooth that you'll be cranking up the difficulty and stringing together moves and feel like a true ninja rabbit.

     The music changes based on the alertness of the enemies, which is a real life-saver, because half the game is sneaking around and based on the music you can tell if your noticed or not. However, most of the music gets annoying and repetitive and can get on your nerves.

     Lugaru is extremely fun to play due to its rapid combat, rag-doll physics, smooth controls, and creating your own combination of reversals, round-house kicks, punches, leg-swipes and leg cannons. The addition of three weapons adds variety to the game, as they can be used to create powerful attacks, but can be stolen and used against you. For a list of weapons and their strengths and weaknesses, see below. 
  • Knife-- The knife is small and hard to disarm. It does low damage, but makes up for its speed and its ability to be thrown for high damage. However, throwing your knife is risky, because it can be dodged and picked up by an enemy. Knife is bladed, so the damage you inflict is permanent and causes blood loss, which causes damage over time.
  • Sword-- The Sword is a weapon that does tremendous damage, is easy to disarm causes blood loss, and has a long reach. The sword is extremely hard to use if your a new player, because it is so easy to disarm (this is why the sword is introduced later on in the game.) However, in the hands of a veteran the sword can end a one-on-one combat in a few seconds. (SLASH *dodge* SLASH *dead)
  • Staff-- The staff is the, "Noob" weapon. It is lightning fast and does tons of damage. This is why the staff is favored by many people. The staff has two attacks, the quick smack, and the heavy hit. the quick smack is extremely hard to dodge and block, yet it does not do much damage, while the heavy hit can deal almost one hit kills but is extremely easy to block and dodge and should only be used on knocked-over opponents. However, with all the benefits the staff has, the staff usually brakes after about two kills. This is why I dislike the staff.
     The replayability of Lugaru is high, due to the addictive nature and quick play abilities. you can start Lugaru up and start a match in about 10 seconds. in addition to the actual game, Lugaru has a map editor, which is very hard to work and use, but rewarding all the same. (Its fun to make a map filled to the brim with enemies and campfires and challenge yourself to leg-cannon the enemies in to the fires.) All in all, Lugaru is defiantly a game worth taking a look at, and you should at least play the free demo. (the full game is a little over-priced at $20.00) This is a game you'll have fun playing for weeks.

In fact, here's a video of Lugaru...
And remember that I talked about Overgrowth? Here's a video. Keep in mind that the game is NOT complete yet. It's still in alpha, and you can only play it if you pre-order (which I plan to do soon.) Overgrowth also boasts EXTREMELY innovative editing tools, which allow you to edit the sky, the players animations, the fighting moves, your own stats, everything you can possibly think of editing. In fact you can have C++ prompt open and change things in real time. This looks like a game to play no matter what.
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