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Machinarium review by Colorbomb

     Made by Amanita Design, (which by the way is based in the Czech republic) Machinarium is a point-and-click adventure game about robots, crime, and thwarting terrorist attacks. I'm not kidding, but going into more detail would spoil it for you. you start in a junk yard, where the game teaches you how to play. As you progress throughout the game, the learning curve becomes steadily more difficult, requiring you to solve strange puzzles and tasks.

        the art is the same surreal style that Amanita Design is famous for, with amazingly drawn art and nice visuals. Even with out names,the characters are memorable in their own sense (you'll probably remember the characters under names like "Saxophone guy,The police man, Fat guy, and the terrorist" this is part of the fun, and complements the games surreal art style.

      The game play is great and fun as well, and follows the tried and tested Point-and-click adventure game style. However, one crucial difference sets Machinarium apart from other point-and-click adventure games :  X,Y,Z, position requirements. Basically, your little robot, Josef, must be near enough to grab, catch or interact with it. this puts a twist on game play, as puzzles also require you to be standing next to or near the place you need to be*.

    No one ever speaks in Machinarium, but their needs and thoughts are expressed though thought-bubbles that reveal glimpses of the history of the city that you are in. That being said, the music is awesome as well, and it perfectly complements the art style.

Machinarium is very fun to play through, with its funny characters and cool art. the puzzles (sometimes logical, yet sometimes "what the heck?!" moments) are satisfying to solve and work through, however, they can be rather difficult. The fun of the game is solving the puzzles and exploring the city.

Yet however fun Machinarium is the first play through, it has little to no re-playability, as is the problem with most puzzle games. you'll probably find yourself wanting more at the end of the game. the only possible answer to this problem is to not play it for long-enough to forget all about it and re-discover it.

 Over all, Machinarium's art really sells the game. the amazingly drawn buildings and environments make this one of those rare games were you stop just to look at everything. if you need an example look at the pictures. 

You should play Machinarium. Now.

*If that makes any sense.